Table Lamp 

This design achieved the prominent Silver A’Design Awards & Competition 2022 Milano, Italy

Cubes table lamp expresses a concept combining light with graphic design. The lamp consists of three geometric forms stacked in a balanced composition and distinguished by the material, wood, enhancing its warm personality. The asymmetric positioning of the forms creates a different profile on each side, a constant rediscovery of the piece. The light fixture is a led circuit with a diffuser, softly distributing the light downwards on two of the volumes, highlighting the concept of the lamp. 

A very clear aesthetic was formed in my mind inspired by the architecture of the early 20th century, the Bauhaus and German modernism. Architecture, which is one of my passions and sources of inspiration, especially from this era, was the engine of creation for this table lamp. The work of volumes with defined geometric shapes and their special way of working with the “truth to materials” principle, were the main characteristics that inspired me in the creation and development of this design.

The Cubes table lamp creates a dynamic connection with the user, forcing the viewer’s eye not to remain static, but to a discovery of distances, volumes and shapes due to the asymmetric positioning of all the volumes of the piece. A sculpture of geometric shapes with light, a simplicity with the balance of its forms. The piece can be used in any room, creates a subtle lighting, intimate and elegant at the same time, taking the space around it with its aesthetic character and the warmth of wood.

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