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Breathing a genuine love for Art and making use of everyday materials, the floor lamp, Colorato, lives as an installation. The light, the movement, color, space and shadows are all intrinsically linked in this iconic design Mokki.

Genetically joyful Colorato imposes its own language on spaces and creates a dialogue between the user, the light and its different materials and sensations. An interactive experience that will not go unnoticed.

The design and inspiration of this lamp began with the creation of a fashion event where the artist and designer, Mónica, built up a full scenery where the narrative of an industrial and rough environment had to live with textiles and Art altogether.

This floor lamp sits on a large round metal base in a dark grey lacquered texture and the top is where an explosion of colors, shapes and textures act as a diffuser and give this piece its character and uniqueness. The round diffuser is made by thin aluminium hangers where coloured interwoven wool strings fall in free movement.

The diffuser is first constructed with aluminium hangers that mould its shape and are meticulously placed and hand-welded by expert craftmanship. Finally, the wool yarns are manually placed one by one along the entire composition of the diffuser thereby completing a circle of reusable and sustainable materials.
The Colorato piece is made from materials that can be fully recycled and completely transformed into new products, metal, and textile. Metal is not only durable, it can also be reused endlessly.

In the textile component used in the piece, wool, we want to contribute with a both economically and environmentally sustainable approach to the preservation of ancient traditions. We use wool yarn produced sustainably and from herds of Portuguese sheep breeds managed by new generations who preserve old traditions.

The base structure is lacquered in a textured grey finish, the hangers are left in their natural visible material. E27 socket, retro lamp included in a warm shade, the power cable is in fabric with switch on/off pedal, color according to the wool. European plug, english plugs are available under request.


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