Suspension Lamp

This design achieved the prominent Silver A’Design Awards & Competition 2021 Milano, Italy

Mondrian is a suspension lamp combining the concept of modernity with the specific aesthetics of the 20th century. The name of this lamp leads us to its inspiration, the painter Mondrian, and the movement of Neo-plasticism, with the search for clean elements, reduction of forms and pure lines. A reduction of shapes, lines and colors in pure balance that reinforce their harmony, this lamp aims to transmit in a very clear way its own inspiration.

This design came from an idea hidden for a long time in my subconscious. When I translated it on paper, I wanted it not only to be a source of light, but also enable it to transmit something more. The lamp has a different view on its 4 sides taking advantage of the colors and its own reflections.

The suspension lamp Mondrian has a rectangular shape in a horizontal axis built up by several layers of colored acrylic and it is hung from steel cables which are adjustable in height. This lamp has a different view on its four sides taking advantage of the interaction and harmony created by the six colors used for this composition, where the format gets interrupted by a vertical white line and a yellow layer. The light is diffused upwards and downwards, dimmable LED by a wireless control.Mondrian is made entirely in colored acrylic, with a direct and indirect light source, LED, and incorporates the possibility to regulate light intensity with a remote control.

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