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The ceiling lamp Woods, has as inspiration the remaining idea of the Forest. The nature lights and shadows are translated into a composition that deconstructs its natural display getting the closest possible to the reality with contrasting lights, shadows, and forms. Woods ceiling lamp is made in solid wood with a finishing that keeps the natural accent of the wood. This lamp comes from the ceiling and takes place into the space with six branches, each one with a different dimension and angle, achieving the closest proximity to its inspiration.

This design gives us different sights from different angles, where the initial idea and inspiration of a forest gets translated into graphic lines that support the lighting feature of this lamp, a single Led line with an electronic dimmer controlled with wireless technology.

The research for this piece came naturally from my cultural, historical and personal background. I wanted to design and create a lamp able to transmit a feeling in the space, that plays with different angles and measures and yet maintains a minimalist language. I tried to bring into the interiors the idea and the sensation of the natural contrast of lights and shadows using for it single and clean lines of light which remind me a forest.

The lamp is easily installed in any space. Due to its forms, composition and technical characteristics can be used in very different sceneries and adapted to the needs of the user or the different moods that we wish to set in a space.

The ceiling lamp Woods is made in solid wood and you can choose from Walnut, Ash or Oak

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