Floor Lamp 

The core concept of the design of this lamp is to bring the human aspect to a piece of industrial manufacture, the memory of a trace in a sketch and the brush strokes of a hand painting.

The Tripé floor lamp shows a new vision of the classic form. A thin continuous line creates the base, architecturally inspired, which plays with the negative space and balance created by the tripod shape, resembling the continuous, firm trace of a sketch.

This concept accompanies the entire lamp and heightens the impact with a large hand-painted fabric diffuser, each diffuser is hand-painted by the designer with a monochromatic pattern in black and white. The pattern creates a strong visual impact giving character and individualism to the whole piece. Every piece becomes unique due to its characteristics.

The base is made of metal bar with matt black lacquered finish and the fabric used to the diffuser has the certifications: FTP (IMO) Class 1 (IT), BS (GB), M1 (FR), B1 (D) and fire retardant. The power cable is in black fabric, socket E27 with switch on/off, lamp not included. European plug, english plugs are available under request.

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