U [YOO:]

Table Lamp 

This design achieved the prominent Silver A’Design Awards & Competition 2023 Milano, Italy

The “U” table lamp blends art and design with its clean aesthetic in the shape of an inverse u made of frost and opalescent acrylic. It draws inspiration from the passions of the designer, her academic background and from artists who mastered color and light.

Emphasizing its expressive element, color, it compels people to see colors in new ways combining emotions with forms and blending art and design. The lamp works with an e27 chrome lamp socket covered by the opalescent acrylic that works as a diffuser and creates a graphic effect.


By Mónica Pinto

The U table lamp was born from the idea of shaping color using my passions and academic background. My work with color was inspired by artists such as Matisse, Josef Albers and the color studies of Johannes Itten. I also found inspiration in the visual emotional effects created by ancient European stained-glass windows. With this design, I wanted to reinterpret my inspiration sources setting art and design in a broader perspective.

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